HLN Expands to Aftermarket

HLN Expands to Aftermarket


HLN announces to bring its 40-year expertise
in diesel vehicle heating to a broader customer base


[Sheridan, Wyoming, US] For the past 40 years, HLN has been providing products and services of the highest standards to manufactures of trucks, construction vehicles and buses, many of whom rank among top 10 in the world by sales volumes. Now the company will start to introduce its independent diesel heaters to other commercial vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket clients.


HLN has been concentrating on building strong collaborations with existing customers to serve their needs ranging from custom-made diesel air heaters and coolant heaters, to just-in-time delivery to help optimize their supply chain. “When you work with the top vehicle manufacturers in their fields, you need not only top quality products, but also top services.” Says Steven Zhao, CEO of the company, “So we'd rather serve a fewer number of customers, but serve them really well, and grow with them together.”


As such customized products have become increasingly optimized and converged to standardized products, the company sees the opportunity to address the needs of a broader customer base. The company is now working closely with manufactures of a wider variety of diesel vehicles and boats, in addition to aftermarket customers, to address their demand. The company first plans to introduce air heaters, including portable air heaters, from 2KW to 4KW, and coolant heaters from 5kW to 12KW to the broader market. The company is also capable of producing air heaters up to 20KW and coolant heaters up to 35KW.
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About HLN:
HLN is a leading manufacturer of independent air heaters and water heaters for diesel vehicles and boats. The company operates under a tight-collaboration model with its industry customers, many of whom rank among top 10 globally by sales volume. The heaters are pre-installed and widely used on vehicles operating in Europe, Mid-East, Asia-Pacific and Americas. HLN is a member of Auto Care Association in the US.


Contact information:
HLN International
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HLN International
30 N Gould St Ste R
Sheridan, WY 82801 USA



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