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The HLN Aquano 10K coolant heater is a powerful yet compact heating solution for engines and passengers at severe cold weathers. The unique design makes it an ideal solution for vans buses and boats. The heater operates independently of the engine to preheat the engine and defrost the windshield. The lower fuel consumption reduced engine wear less emission and lower burden on aftertreatment systems well justify the investment. In addition the heat from the coolant can distribute via the vehicles' existing exchangers and air vents to provide hot air for the passenger compartment.

• Pre-heats coolant for engines at severe cold weathers
• Reduces engine wear from cold start
• Independent heat source for the compartment
• Defrosts windshield via the existing venting system
• Eliminates unnecessary engine idling
• Lowers burdens on diesel engine after treatment systems
• Easy to install and maintain

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  • Aquano 10K

    Item Parameter
    Heating capacity, part load/full load (kW) 4.4/10.3
    Fuel consumption, part load/full load (l/h) 0.51/1.29
    Working voltage (V) 12/24
    Power consumption, part load/full load (W) 74.4/104.4
    Weight (kg) 7
    Outline dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 435x212x177
    Operating ambient temperature (℃) -41 to +55
    Storage temperature (℃) -55 to +70
    Scope of application Preheat engine coolant for cold start of diesel engines;
    Can apply to heavy duty trucks, RVs, vans, buses, construction vehicles and other diesel vehicles.
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